• Compliance & Integrity Statement

    Aldo Abela Surveys Limited (AAS) is steadfast in its commitment to operational integrity and compliance. Internal controls and risk management ensures that the company achieves and develops its strategic, operational and financial objectives.  

    Management Commitment and General Compliance
    The Company provides management leadership that is clear and visible to the organisation, providing support at every level. Directors and management have clear roles and take responsibility for operational integrity and compliance through effective communication and active participation, whilst understanding how their actions may impact others.

    Risk Management
    The risks to AAS’s legal and regulatory, financial and operational objectives are reviewed at regular intervals. Specific risks that require focused and decisive attention are brought to the attention of the Board. Risks are managed by identifying hazards, assessing the consequences, and implementing prevention and mitigation techniques.  

    Financial Reporting
    The Financial responsible ensures that the Company invests the time and resources to ensure that it remains focused on continuously strengthening its control over financial reporting. The factual findings of both internal and external audits are reported to the Board of Directors.  

    Policies and procedures set out in the employee’s contracts of engagement including supporting documents provide guidance on integrity. Policies deal with topics such as compliance with laws and legislation, disclosure of information, equal opportunities and dignity at work, gifts and conflicts of interest. Other policies include corporate social responsibility and ethical decision making.  

    The Company carries out the appropriate screening, selection and placement of personnel. Induction and periodic refresher training is carried out to ensure job requirements and legal requirements are met. Processes are in place to reduce the risk of accidents or ill health of employees and third parties. Rules of conduct for management and employees mitigate the risk of an operational integrity hazard.

    Internal Controls
    The Company has put into place methods to protect Company interests and confidentiality, pertinent records and documentation.  

    Corporate Social Responsibility
    The Company acknowledges its duty to be a good corporate citizen in all aspects of its operations and activities, and maintains strict ethical and legal standards while seeking to protect the environment for future generations, contributing to the sustainable growth of society in general. The Company is committed to enhancing its policies and systems to ensure it addresses and monitors all aspects of CSR that are relevant to its business, including ethics, equal opportunities and dignity at work, health and safety and the environment.

    Change Management
    The Company evaluates and manages changes in operations, procedures, standards and facilities to ensure the operational risks that may arise as a result are minimal.  

    Emergency Preparedness
    Emergency preparedness and business continuity plans are documented and include: response actions, structure and responsibilities, communication procedures, essential operations integrity information and interface with emergency response organisations.   

    Quality and Continuous Improvement
    The Company is driven to exceed customer requirements and expectations, and has a policy to continually improve through diversification or by raising the standards of the services and products it offers. The effectiveness of the quality system and customer satisfaction is monitored in accordance to a written procedure.